ARC Dyno Tuning is a family run business here to provide quality customer service and improvements to your vehicle. Not only do we provide MOT and servicing through our umbrella company, but also:

  • Dyno – A device for measuring force, torque or power. Allows us to give your vehicle a tune-up. Providing the smoothest and most economical performance possible. We can use the Dyno to show you the from the start to the finish the improvements that we have made.


  • Hydroflow – This is a chemical free clean for your car that can be the difference between a pass and a fail for an MOT.


  • Celtic Tuning – This is all about alteration of the ECU or ‘brain’ of your vehicle. This is known as mapping/ tuning or chipping/chip tuning. It will alter the settings on how the engine thinks in order to improve the performance.

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We have purchased the state of the art Dynamometer from Dynocom. The AWD 5000 FX, can support speeds up to 175+ MPH and 2000+ HP. Our dyno is suitable for 4WD/FWD/RWD Cars, Sports cars, and ATV’s.


The Dyno Allows us to tune your car, to provide a smooth ride and a more economical performance. Every run that your car completes you will get a better understanding of its capabilities, and also we can then suggest changes that may benefit your car.

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  • Are you having problems with your DPF?
  • Anti-Pollution warning lights on your dash?
  • Car in “limp home mode”?
  • Poor acceleration and MPG?
  • Could you be facing expensive repair costs?

Hydroflow is designed to help reverse any carbon restriction within your engine and can assist with the cure of engine management faults. Carbon build up over time might not be obvious until the first session of the hydroflow treatment, where a difference in throttle response and better MPG should be found.

Even if you think your car is running well you might be surprised as to how much better a hydroflow treatment can improve the car performance and ecconomy. If it’s carbon related Hydroflow will fix it, if it’s a mechanical fault ARC can!

We’re able to offer you a service that could make your car up to 15% more economical. This is by using an economy Remap, this will re-profile the torque limits in the engine and thus benefit the environment as you will be reducing your carbon footprint. In doing this, your car won’t have to work quite as hard. Your drive will also be smoother, thus in the long run saving you money.

We offer economy and performance tuning for a great number of vehicles and engine types and are dedicated to getting the best out of your car whatever the spec!

The benefits for a turbo diesel car

  • Increased torque
  • Increased horse power
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother powered delivery
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Safer over taking

The benefits for a turbo petrol car

  • Increased torque
  • Increased horse power
  • Safer over taking
  • Smooth powered delivery
  • Better throttle response.




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