Gloucester’s #1 Performance Centre for Dyno Tuning & ECU Remaps

More Power & Torque

A an remap from ARC dyno Tuning will give you more power & torque giving you a faster & smoother drive.

Improved Economy

Whether you select a stage or economy map, our chip tuning will provide you with fuel economy improvements for diesel engines.

Dyno Proven

Our ECU Remaps our developed by Celtic Tuning on a rollign and proven by us at our location in Gloucester.


Allow your engine to run clean and reduce your emissions with our HydroFlow engine cleaning service.

ECU Remapping in Gloucester

We offer ecu remaps at our location in Gloucester providing you with some of the largest and safest gains on the market. Don’t just rely on our figures, we will also demonstrate it on our 4WD dyno.


Wheel Drive Linked




BHP Rating


Lbft Torque


Our Dynocom 5000FX Dyno

The AWD-5000-FX series dyno is a mechanically linked AWD chassis

dynamometer system capable of supporting speeds up to 175+ MPH

and 2000+ HP.

HydroFlow Engine Cleaning in Gloucester

Hydroflow uses distilled water, to create HHO or Ortho Oxyhydrogen, unlike other engine cleaning solutions in the marketplace that rely on carbon-based chemicals to remove the carbon deposits from your engines internals, filters and exhaust sensors.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it

  • 5 star review  Had my 2008 Kia Sedona in for a Hydroflow a few weeks ago because the fuel consumption was terrible on it, also took several seconds before the turbo was kicking in under acceleration. Credit where it's due, the turbo kicks in almost instantly now. As for the fuel consumption, I did just over 200 miles on the weekend and there was still half a tank left, whereas I was lucky if I got 300 (motorway) miles out of a tank before. Good work ARC! �

    thumb Tom Kirby

    5 star review  Amazing service and lovely people to talk to. 100% recommend for MOT repairs or little things you need doing to your car �

    thumb Emma Louise ʚϊɞ

    5 star review  Our recent trip to ARC with 6 cars for a dyno day was professional, well organised and the whole team were very accommodating. All cars were well looked after, inspected and warmed up prior to power runs and handled with care. The service is exactly what car enthusiasts are looking for and I will be sending many others your way in the future. Many thanks to Tina and the team!

    thumb Ben Shipman
  • 5 star review  Just had the Skyline on the Hydroflow. A definate improvement all round. Well worth the money. Thanks Guys.

    thumb Kerry Martyn Corcoran

    5 star review  Very friendly service, thank very much, Tina. Our Kia Sorento had a Hydroflow today and is like a new car. Feels just like it did when we first had it. Going to recommend to our friends and family.

    thumb Susan Melluish

    5 star review  Can’t recommend the dyno days enough, great atmosphere and the guys do a fantastic job.

    thumb Harry Cole
  • 5 star review  Great service and made the car much more driveable and responsive without changing the good characteristics of the engine. Very pleased, thanks Tina and team

    thumb Strat Man

    5 star review  Couldn’t be any happier with the service I received When getting my car Remaped, Car feeling completely different coming out the Garage doors as it did going in!! Massive improvement!! Would highly recommend this place to anyone needing anything done to their car!!

    thumb Daniel Holmes

    5 star review  Awesome service and an awesome team. My car was runing terrible before they tuned it for me and now have more power and a bigger smile.

    thumb Jordan Courtney
  • 5 star review  Super professional service with fab results! I had the a hydroflow and a remap on my new car and I'm so in love with the results. So much so I'm making my dad and hubby have theirs done too ������

    thumb Sarah L Mobbs

    Absolutely fantastic team at ARC Dyno. Went in for a Dyno, ended up getting a remap, found a fault with my battery and replaced it and got a hydroclean done while I was at it. Massive gains on my bhp and torque. One very happy customer!

    thumb Joshua L Price

    5 star review  Had a hydro clean done by Tina, very impressed with the results and the service in general. Will be using again and would highly recommend.

    thumb Luke Cartmell
  • 5 star review  Brilliant friendly service. Had a fantastic time at the dyno day and saw a huge range of cars take part. Not only that, but I often go to them for advice. They took great care of my Pontiac and got her running better than ever, keeping me updated all the way through and never minded when I popped my head in the door. Will be looking at a map for my Megane 225 through them and despite moving soon, will still come back to them as my garage of choice for tuning, repair and MOT for all of my cars. Thanks again!

    thumb Kacey Rebecca

    5 star review  Had my 09 c4 Picasso in for hydroflow treatment this morning , didn't really understand until Tina explained what is was about so left my car in very capable hands � Had a call an hour later saying it was done , when I got there I had a quick chat say it didn't feel much different but after the drive home back to cirencester all I can say is wow !! It's so much quieter and tickover is a lot quieter being a turbo I was worried about that but you can really feel the boost and it breaths so much better , no black smoke and runs on lower revs now so should save on fuel which will show over time � Great process and well with the money my car feels like a brand new car after this ! Thanks a lot �

    thumb Daren Moyse

    5 star review  Great service, friendly and willing to go that extra mile to help when you need it

    thumb Dan Hope
  • 5 star review  I had the HydroFlow treatment on my Focus diesel recently after noticing a slow decline in the mpg, and receiving an advisory for emissions on the MOT. I was a little dubious before the treatment, however afterwards it was certainly noticeable. The car has had an increase in the MPG, bit more noticeable is the feel of the car especially an increase in throttle response and lower engine revs both idling and while running. Would definitely recommend!

    thumb Joe Authbert

    5 star review  I recently had my Audi A3 2.0 TDI in for the Hydroflow clean as it was very smoky at times. I was advised that the Hydroflow clean would improve this. I have seen a massive difference since Ive had it done and have only noticed a small amount of smoke on the odd occasion. I have also found that my fuel consumption has improved. Would highly recommend it. Thanks to Tina and Andy.

    thumb Carl Harris

    5 star review  I took two cars for a Hydro Flow today, and have to say after pulling away after the Hydro Flow, the performance off both cars is fantastic... it's as though they are brand new. Will be highly recommending this to family and friends. A great job done by a very professional company. Thank you Tina and ARC. ���

    thumb Matthew Smith