The ARC Dyno Tuning Process

Make A Booking

To go ahead with your ECU Remap with us, you need to schedule a booking.

Health Check

Before we run your car on the dyno we will carry out a pre-run diagnostics to make sure your car is in good working order before we start.

Read Stock ECU

We will read the existing contents of the ECU allowing Celtic Tuning to modify the software for more power and allow us to revert it back to its original state should you wish to do so.

Standard Power Run

Whilst waiting for Celtic Tuning to modify the ECU software, we will complete a standard power run to show you what your car is delivering at present.

Write Celtic Tuning ECU Remap

Once Celtic Tuning has finished your ECU remap we will then write this into your ECU.

Modified Power Run

We will then run your vehicle on our dyno with the modified software allowing us to show you the actual gains made on your vehicle.

Is the gain as advertised?


Perfect, we will give you a copy of the dyno chart for your records and let you test drive your vehicle.


We will feedback the details to Celtic Tuning who will adjust the software according to our logs and then repeat the previous 2 steps or alternatively we will look to try ascertain why the power is not delivering as expected.

Drive Away Happy

We want you to love your ECU Remap and your experience. Once all has been completed and you're happy then you get to enjoy the new found power.

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